• My work always goes through the medium video, but it has many different outcomes.
    Every new piece of work needs a different way to present itself.
    Sometimes you see more movement in still images than in a moving image.
    You can only see change when the previous is almost the same as the next .
    I think I developed this way of looking to my work, because my roots lay in painting.
    With painting you look at a still image for a long time,
    and this concentration I use in my work and is resulting in a very slow time span in video.

    With my work I step into existing situations from a non-daily perspective.
    With this I gather information where I surprise myself again and again with the so truthful aesthetic images.
    I am not making the images, but collect the existing. After collecting, I make my own rearrangements.
    Therefore nature is a very big inspiration for all my work. Sometimes very clearly and sometimes in the background.
    Nature is existing and I am making it’s narrative.

    Thanks for visiting my portfolio !
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    I am on a constant quest for new festivals, collaborations, expositions etc.
    So don't hesitate to ask me anything.

    Krista van der Wilk. 2012